Notes to Friends

HODJA on Denmarks Radio!

This Sunday on Sneums Garage HODJA the band will have a little bit soul for ya…. form 6:00 pm to 8:00pm (Startede Kl. 18:03 – sluttede 20:03) DR P6 BEAT will play “DEVIL ON MY BACK” One of the tacks form SOAPBOX Music Record Label release



… With interview from “Gamile Stone” AKA “The Angeryman” aka ” The Plum Wine Poet”… Mr. Pratt if your nasty!



What a night….

Hello to all our friends…

thank you so much for coming out to our party. We all had a great time and we want to thank all of you for coming… We look forward to giving you some more music in the future….



Thank you!

The time has come…

Hello dear friends,

the time has come for the “Release”…. HODJA The Band will have a release party on Friday the 22nd of Febuary. @ 8:00pm

Join us as we celebrate the release of our limited edition Vinyl LP. Come hear us preform live.



Come celebrate with us… Byens lys, in Christiania Fabriksområdet, 1440 København

limited edition vinyl LP Now available at ROUTE 66

Thank you…

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have supported our new project. This is truly a labour of love and was put together with no thought of acclaim… This was made purly for the fun of it and we hope it brings some joy into your life.

We would like to give our appreciation to the “Birds of clay” Liv Lumia Hurtigkarl, Ruth Anna Britz, Ina Maria Mortensen for their work on backing vocal.

We would also like to thank “ Yaa Kakraba”  Louise Yaa Aisin for help in flushing out the melodies and backing vocals.

And lastly we would like to express or love and appreciation to all of the fans who have expressed the support of our music.


Thank you.



The album will be available on vinyl within the next week (available now pre-release @ ROUTE 66) and we will have a release party and small show so keep in touch…


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