Photo’s of HODJA at Café Glocksee April 15th 2016 by Alberto A Santorio

We would like to take a moment once again to say thank you to all the folks who came out to see our shows and make this release of the “HALOS” album a sucsess. We would especially like to thank the people who worked in the venues to make each night special…. Here are some wonderful photo’s by Alberto A Santorio taken at Café Glocksee on April 15th in Hanover, Germany.




20 Years of Noisolution – A Celebration…

We want to thank Arne Gesemann of NOISOLUTON records for having the courage to work with those of us who exist on the edge of society… We would also like to thank Alexander Schulze of MAGNIFICENT MUSIC for bringing us together and lets not forget about Brother Grimm for bringing us to MAGNIFICENT MUSIC… Peace and Love my Brother.. Take a look at what 20 years of hard work brings you… “Love and Respect!”


Hello there,

welcome to the world of HODJA. Yes we are a band… Yes we make music… Yes our song was featured on the DR2 Christmas Special. You may have heard our song “Devil On My Back”  and you could be wondering when you could hear some more of our music… Well your in luck, we are releasing a full Album with 10 songs in just a few days. On the 22nd of December you will be able to buy it right here on our home page directly from us or you could buy it from iTunes.

But here is a sneak peak, check out our next single going own:




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